Relief Managers for all Holiday & Motel Accommodation in Queensland:

Having had a considerable number of years in the hospitality industry in both New Zealand and Queensland, we are able to run your accommodation business in the way you would expect, be it B&B, Motels, Lodges, Apartments or Resorts. We may even be able to give you other ideas about how to improve your operation.

We liaise with clientele, all existing staff and suppliers on a day to day basis to ensure a seamless flow-on of all existing routines and procedures. We will only make changes or recommendations if asked to do so and only if we see any areas for improvement. Often a fresh set of eyes pick up on various management items which can make an improvement.

Motel Accommodation Poolside

Every property operates slightly different, so to ensure a smooth handover, we like a familiarization period, (depending on the type of property) usually commencing at least a day prior to the owners starting their break, especially the first time. We don't charge the property owners for this part of our services, but we do require accommodation for the night/s at no cost to us.

Due to the nature of the hospitality accommodation industry, it is always a live-in position, hence managers accommodation and basic daily requirements are expected as part and parcel of the engagement. In most cases, we reside in the resident owners/managers own accommodation.

In the past we have happily looked after the family cat or dog.

Indication of Managers Payment Terms:

  • For most relief management engagements, we usually work on a daily rate.
  • For an operating term up to 2 weeks, an invoice will be issued prior to commencement of contract, for a direct credit payment to managers bank.
  • For a term of engagement longer than 14 days, progress invoices will be given prior to commencement, for weekly payments by direct credit, with final payment when final figures are known on completion of contract, also to be by direct credit to our bank that day.
  • Longer periods of relief management are by negotiation.
  • We would also stay on an extra day if necessary to ensure a smooth handover, also at no cost to managers like ourselves for accommodation.
  • We would be commissioned to run your business, as it would normally be operated by the resident owners/managers.